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The Prodigal Returns

By Adam A.

The story of the prodigal son in Luke 15 (verse 11 -32) is one of the best-known stories in all of scripture. I always gain so much by this story, more so now that I see how it reflects on my life.

When I first came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I thought the story was about lost souls coming to know God. But when I fell away from God and started living in conscience sin, I was guilt ridden and in so much pain. I feared that God had saved me, called me, and gifted me, and yet, I still went back to my old sinful lifestyle after six years of being a Christian. I was so ashamed. Had I let God down so much that He would let me go, God, I am so sorry I let you down, now I truly don’t deserve your love.

As I sat in this pit of despair and began to feel God would not take me back my life felt worthless. I felt like living was a waste of time. I was suicidal and broken. As I reread the story of the lost son again and again, God showed me that this is a story for the backslider. The son in the story knew what it was like with the father. He had a home and the blessings of being a son, yet he went out into the world.

I could imagine the shame he must have felt going back to his father. I felt that shame, not deserving acceptance. Deserving to be sent away back out into that fast, lonely world. But grace is just that, grace, undeserved favor. I don’t deserve God’s love; in fact, all I do deserve is His wrath. All I deserve is His punishment, yet He gives me His blessings, and He showers me with more than I can imagine.

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