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    A Heart for Prison Ministry

    We focus on various aspects of prison ministry, promoting Kingdom principles of unity of the body, for men and women behind the walls and beyond.

About Ebenezer Outreach Ministry

You and your team are, to many of us, the expression of the love of God toward us.

Many volunteers enter prison fearfully expecting to see what is portrayed on television yet find something totally different. Seeing men happy, discussing their relationship with God and how He has transformed their lives.

The first time I heard an inmate state to me, “You and your team are, to many of us, the expression of the love of God toward us,” tears came to my eyes, humbled and never thinking of myself or our team members in that way. Are you willing to be the expression of the love of God toward someone or a group of people needing help?
Reverend Tim May

How Ebenezer Prison Outreach Ministry Transforms Lives

ministering to prisoners at SolanoAs I stood in the back of the visiting center, I sensed the presence of the Lord as tears welled up in my eyes. I began to recognize the vision The Father gave me in 1998, it was happening right before my eyes. The vision is that the entire population at California State Prison Solano (CSP) would hear the Gospel message and turn toward the Lord.

Hope, joy, mercy, and grace have sprung up in this most unusual place. Scripture states that where sin abounds there is more grace. I can see the changes in the hearts and minds of men within the prison; this continues to give me great hope.

Rehabilitation is important, but more important is the transformation of lives happening behind the walls, where men are coming to the knowledge of Christ and growing in their faith. Many may say this is the same old jail-house Christianity, but I believe God is doing a great work in these men.

When Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave, He told the people witnessing this act of resurrection to unwrap his grave clothes. When men come to Christ, we Christians have a great opportunity to assist these men in unwrapping their grave clothes of stinking thinking, transforming them through teaching the Word and by ministering to them behind the walls.

The regular team who ministers behind the walls of CSP on a weekly basis present Christian-based programs, classes on practical living, and church services, in preparation for the inmates to return to our community. These committed men and women are faithful to the ministry that God has entrusted to each of them in assisting these men to overcome the stench of inmate thinking.

Also, there are several inmates, our brothers in Christ, teaching in these programs. In addition, we have provided training to over 100 Christian inmates to facilitate small groups; these men have proven to be invaluable to the ministry.

There is a great need for men and women in the body of Christ to come out of their comfort zone. Scripture tells us the fields are plentiful, white for harvest (John 4:35). Brothers and sisters, are you willing to look up and see the field, then be willing to step up and assist in the harvest? Remember Christ stated that when you visited them you visited Me. 

What will be your response? The challenge is to walk in the love and forgiveness of the Lord

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Praise From The Inmates We Serve

David Peck

There is no limit to what God will do in regard to this program. He has already confounded human logic by the doors He has opened. The doors He has opened have consisted of many amazing things. One of which have been the gracious donations from Ebenezer Outreach of the workbooks that accompany this course that the men get to keep. Thank you so much! God bless

David Hassel

I want to say that I am so thankful to the Lord for Pastor Tim May and the Ebenezer Outreach Ministry team at CSP-Solano, they have truly touched my life. The Lord has used Tim and the ministry to produce spiritual growth in my life and to open up new doors of ministry for me to serve; but the road has been a long one for me.

Victor F.

God’s purposes in my life are not only as clearly visible to me now as they have ever been. I have obtained the knowledge of things I must do in life that will not only last a lifetime but an eternity. I’ve come to know more about the things in life that are more important than those things we may desire in life that aren’t as important, such as love, kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, truth, and things of that nature that can only be touched by the human heart. God has a plan for us and we tend to want to replace that plan with our own. His plan will always work better because it’s the only way. I think the Creator would know what’s best for His creation.

Bill M.

I have personally been blessed by Pastor Tim’s various ministries to us for more than ten years now, beginning with his Tuesday night chapel services. If he had only held Tuesday services, I would have been richly blessed by the many guests he has brought in to share the Word of God and their personal testimonies. His many other programs and ministries have added to this, supplying us with skills, encouragement, and practical experience in living fruitful, productive lives as representatives of the Kingdom of God.

Expressions of Freedom CD

Enjoy the 12-track praise and worship offering by the One Voice Praise Choir of Ebenezer Outreach Ministry.

Stories of Hope

These stories from inmates we serve will educate, inform, and attempt to enlighten you regarding the inmates who eventually will be returning to our local community.

To those already involved in prison ministry, whether you minister in a prison as a Chaplain or volunteer or choose to provide financial resources, your donation of time and money has eternal value. In a large sense, what you are doing truly dispels the notion that “once a criminal, always a criminal.”

To the reader who has yet to participate in prison ministry, may your heart open and may you be challenged to become involved.


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