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Letting Go and Letting God Be

By John

My name is John and I have been incarcerated for thirty-one years. The closer I get to my Lord, the more I begin to understand that I must give it all to Him.

All meaning and every part and aspect of the life He has allowed me, to belong totally to Him. Three years ago I wanted to continue my education in the study of theology. I wrote a letter to a church that my chaplain shared with me. Time went by without any contact and so I gave it to the Lord, put it on His altar, let His will be done and I went on with fellowshipping and seeking His will. Then a year later, I was attending service on a Tuesday evening with Pastor Tim, he let me know that someone came to the service to speak with me about the letter I had written the year before about continuing my education.

I received sponsorship and have since continued my education. These past few years I have been working on and off doing my own legal work in regard to writs for relief with a parole date, to no avail. I stopped last year and again gave it all to the Lord, His will be done in my life. I will do whatever He wants. All along Pastor Tim, during his Tuesday evening services, would mention that prisoners with a strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ will be getting out to further His service and will in the world.

Just recently my best friend paid for an attorney and another new friend visited with me to let me know their prayer group is getting the funds together to work on my parole. WOW! We have an awesome God, our Sustainer and Creator, who takes care of our needs. All we have to do is give it all to Him, our lives, our hearts, and our faith. I did not understand before about letting go and letting God be in control, but I do now exceedingly

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